An Unplanned Bonus

I have yet to replace my charger, so I am afraid you will have to wait a little bit longer on chapter 11 of Koeleth (I really don’t want to rewrite that chapter). In the meantime, I’ve been thinking of ways to make it up to you. Well, I have a couple ideas, but tonight I had an epiphany of sorts. In Eirmoda (the world Koeleth is located in), there is a tale about the story stone. The story stone is said to be a magical obelisk that records the lives of the champions of humanity, both good and evil (I swear on my life that this is a real concept and not a convenient distraction). Naturally, all the paragons of the guardians are recorded on the stone, as are all exemplars, renegades, archfiends, slayers, and world eaters (these concepts will be explained later in the story). Well, I thought now might be a good time to introduce the story stone. So, let me tell you the tale of the Shield of the Anguished, one of a number of characters who are prominent in Koeleth. Who is he? That’s my little secret, for now.


The Shield of the Anguished

Guardian of the lost
His heart weeps bitter tears, his mind never rests
He dances with the rain and confers with the shadows
The depraved hero is broken by his blade
The cold entangles him and the wolf bites at his throat
The story changes and foes become friends
The scattered gather and a dragon is born
Ally of valor, friend of the survivor
The mirrored twins and the lion sage follow
The great bear and the ram bow before his might
He keeps the company of those of the story stone
Despair challenges his resolve but fails
The silent death and night sky aide him
Wars ever rage but he never yields
Only age can sweep him away