Hello, all! been a couple of weeks. Anyways, Matthew has been having technical issues which is why his posts haven’t been coming up recently. So, first thing’s first, E-mail. We have one! We are eventually going to pay for a more professional E-mail, but for right now, please send any comments or questions or what have you to .

   Next, Matthew is planning to get his stuff up shortly.

Thirdly, I will be posting as scheduled tomorrow, so look forward to it!

Finally, I am currently at the high point of my semester, being a college student. Thankfully, my next semester is going to be light, comparatively, so….I am going to transition The Colony to weekly and then kickoff a new project that will fire off once a month. Keep tuned in to hear more about the story which should kick-off on January 1. The transition to weekly The Colony will take place on the first Monday in January!

Thanks for your support!!!

Sorin Herling

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